Secrets of Darkmoon Vale

Dwarven Door Secured!

Game Master:

There was chaos and panic in the room! Several werewolves, loyal to Greypelt, violently slammed into the large stone door at the bottom of the stairs, hoping to tear the murderous intruders apart.

The first two at the door, Lilliandil and Janiven were almost overpowered if not for the quick actions of the cleric. Tekla immediately joined the ladies adding extra toughness. Then Kale put his shoulder and armored weight into the fight. But it was Gillifian’s stoutness that anchored the door much like a door stop. His quick action locked the door by wedging an iron crowbar into the door jam. (even though it’s not inventoried anywhere on the character sheet… big cheater.)

The combined actions allowed the door to latch closed. The fierce attempts of the wolves to breach the wall appears to be stopped, and their ravenous barking and yelping almost silenced by the solid dwarven stone. Those against the door breath a temporary sigh of relief.

However the silence didnt last long. A high pitch screech pierced the room from behind. Edrik had just brought his katana down onto the wrist of the kobold guard. His hand dangled by a tendon as the lizard bellowed in pain. (damage 3)

The second kobold guard rushed the slayer attempting to help his captain. But its attack missed its mark (AC 10 miss)

The female kobold slave, lays motionless on the cold stone floor. The bludgeoning crack to her head cracked her skull and killed her.

Rosethorn gathers Willow and Mikra together, thankful that they are safe. Then he approaches the Oracle, a bit baffled at how she survived such a savage attack from Greypelt. (save your Healing spell Tekla as healed her) The half-elf gives her a simple embrace, thankful their employer is alive. Not taking too kindly to his shared affection, the faerie snubs her nose and flies after the dark witch.

Seeing the blue scaled kobold slave weak and entangled, Margaux turns and heads down the northern hallway in quick pursuit of the other fleeing kobolds. Surri’s finds her quickly, and the two witness an incredible spectacle.

A ways down the hallway, a green light fills the area. Floating high within the emerald glow, is the likeness of an armored dwarf. His ghostly mail glitters within its green aura and his large hammer floats next to him.

Margaux and Surri stop and watch as one tiny kobold slave is lifted off the ground and held before the dwarven specter. The lizard yelps and flails in fear for only a moment before being pulled into the green aura. Its cries are muffled and it struggles to breath Its flailing stops and the tiny lizard appears paralyzed. Its scales begin to tear away from its body, followed by larger pieces of muscle and bone. The parts break away and float in front of the shimmering suit of armor. The ghost does not speak, but its intimidating presence is felt by all.

The remaining kobold slave and his pursuing guard both stand frozen in fear only a few feet away. Both realizing they have stumbled upon the notorious ghost… Glinthammer!

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