Kimi Eavewalker and Mikra Jabbs

Kimi and Mikra are childhood friends who live in Falcon's Hallow.

Mikra Jabbs:

This thirteen-year-old boy is the son of the town butcher. He is thin, lanky, and quick on his feet. He’s a natural born athlete, is well liked by everyone. and possesses limitless kindness and his bright smile wins the hearts of almost anyone who meets him. He is a loyal friend to Kimi Eavewalker, and accompanies her out of Falcon’s Hallow for a few days to help with injuries sustained from Spivey, the town enforcer.

Kimi Eavewalker:
Daughter of the famed ranger Idris and a beautiful seer named Kitani, Kimi has not seen her father in years. The ranger is constantly away adventuring and tracking down relics
for a mysterious patron. Kimi idolizes her dad and has grown into a fearless tomboy chomping at the bit to follow in her father’s adventurous footsteps. Kimi is the protector of a small band of friends, often looking to make friends with new faces that enter the Hallow. She is well known in town being the daughter of Kitani and Idris.


Kimi Eavewalker and Mikra Jabbs

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