• Bluebell


    Youngest daughter to Laurel
  • Captain Rutger Alaric

    Captain Rutger Alaric

    An Eagle Knight and officer of the Diamond Regiment
  • Celeste "Werewolf"

    Celeste "Werewolf"

    Celeste was discovered in the forest outside the ruined orphanage.
  • Felicity


    This alluring and gracious woodland creature appears timid and shy. She has the upper torso, arms, and head of a beautiful girl, but goatlike legs, a tail, and curling horns on her head
  • Fredrick


    He is the stable boy employed by Jack Crimmy.
  • Gretchen


    Scullery Maid at Jack n' Napes Family Tavern
  • Greypelt


    Werewolf Lord of Darkmoon Forest
  • Harriet Wheeler

    Harriet Wheeler

    The wife of a peasant farmer.
  • Jack Crimmy

    Jack Crimmy

    Owns Jack n' Napes Family Tavern
  • Jacqueline Crimmy

    Jacqueline Crimmy

    Barmaid at Jack n' Napes
  • Kimi Eavewalker and Mikra Jabbs

    Kimi Eavewalker and Mikra Jabbs

    Kimi and Mikra are childhood friends who live in Falcon's Hallow.
  • Laurel


    Laurel is the local Herbalist who owns Roots and Remedies
  • Lizmilla the Bone Witch

    Lizmilla the Bone Witch

    The dark beauty that lives alone in the Darkwood Swamp
  • Ralla Hebbrandan

    Ralla Hebbrandan

    The famous redheaded beauty at the Silken Veil, known as "The Rouge Lady".
  • Spivey


    Thug enforcer of the Lower Market
  • Surri Lycaenidae

    Surri Lycaenidae

    This lithe, diminutive creature looks like a humanoid with wispy, mothlike wings and long, thin ears
  • The Blind Peddler

    The Blind Peddler

    A dealer in poisons, elixirs, oils and other unsavory enchantments
  • Willow


    Laurel's eldest daughter.